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If you suffered the loss of a loved one, catastrophic injuries, or are the owner of property that was destroyed, you may be entitled compensation.

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The devastating Northern and Southern California wildfires have caused significant damage to homeowners and businesses in and around Butte County, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County. Those whose lives have been disrupted due to the damage from Camp Fire, Hill Fire, and Woolsey Fire, may be wondering what next steps to take, and how they can get compensated for the damage they have suffered.

If you are a victim of the Wildfires and suffered the loss of a loved one, sustained catastrophic injuries, or owner of property that was destroyed, you may be entitled compensation. Our lawyers will fight hard to get you what you deserve for your claim. Speak With a Lawyer for Free: 1-877-658-6053

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have insurance, what do I need you for?

A: We understand that you are going through a difficult time. For that reason, we want to make clear that our fee does not in any way take from or include any insurance pay outs. That is completely separate. Our fee only covers any recovery from third parties that exceeds your insurance pay out. If a third party pays 100k, and your insurance pays 25k, our fee is determined on the 75k difference.

Q: What if I have full coverage?

A: It is very unlikely that your insurance company covers everything. People used to have guaranteed replacement cost coverage. However, insurance companies have either modified or assigned coverage that only covers up to a percentage increase of your insurance policy limit. If we don’t recover anything on top of what your insurance pays you, we do not take a fee, and we advance all costs.

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Between our three firms, we have been actively leading litigation against PG&E in every major California fire in the past five years, including the Butte county fires in 2015. We currently serve as lead counsel on behalf of all plaintiffs for both the northern and southern California fires taking place last year. No one litigates claims against PG&E better than this group.

Lawsuits are being filed against those responsible for the fire and insurance companies. Insurers often delay, minimize or deny claims while keeping policyholders in the dark. They do all of this when people need their help the most. We know how to make them pay. Our goal in every case is to get our clients what they are owed as quickly as possible so they can begin to rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.

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